You learn a thing or
two when you’ve spent
over a hundred years
in the maritime business.

Founded on a long history of boat building and marine product and distribution expertise, we have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for our customers’ needs. From paint supplies to electrical parts and marine product distribution, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer superior quality, exceptional service and competitive prices.

Our integrity and experience come from the same place as yours. Home.

While it’s great to always have your eyes set on the horizon for what lies ahead, it’s important to us to never lose sight of the place we came from as those principles have made us the company we are today. Here’s how our story began.

We’re only as good as our people.
So we’re pretty great.

We work with people that make us better and believe in putting our customers first.
We’ve got your back.

  • Ron Savidant

  • Lee Toole

    Vice President, Sales
  • Steve Trainor

    Operations Manager PEI
  • Diane Hendrican

    Manager, Customer Service English/Francais
  • Casey Spence

    Sales – English/Francais
  • Chris Sullivan

  • Derek Finley

  • Drew Sanderson

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